Athlete Endorsements With The Help of an Athlete Booking Agency

Shaquille O'Neal Endorsement For Icy Hot by Athlete Booking Agency
Joe Montana Athlete Endorsement For Skechers

Ever since J.F. Hillerich & Son Company obtained the rights from baseball great Honus Wagner  in 1905 to use his name on its Louisville Slugger bat, companies  have utilized athlete endorsements to help build their brand. Today, it is estimated that companies spend close to one billion dollars with athlete booking agencies on celebrity and athlete endorsements each year and for good reason. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase products endorsed by athletes than products not endorsed. Athletes are role models and consumers tend to believe athletes, especially those with a positive public image. Contact our athlete booking agency today to speak with a booking agent.

Sports Speakers 360 can help identify the perfect spokesperson to craft a successful athelte endorsement campaign based on your demographics and budget, which can include a variety of elements such as…

TV Commercials
Social Media
Print Advertisements
Radio Voiceovers
PR Campaigns

Our athlete booking agency can also assist you in obtaining usage rights for game footage and advise you on the permitted use of league and team logos in advertising. Let us help you choose the perfect athlete for your next campaign. Contact us today for more details.

Examples of Athlete Endorsements

  • Wayne Gretzky for Mobile Mini               
  • Drew Brees for Verizon
  • Michael Jordan for Haines
  • John Elway for IconLasik
  • Kobe Bryant for Sprite
  • Cal Ripken Jr. for Holiday Inn
  • LeBron James for McDonalds
  • Michael Phelps for Luis Vuitton
  • Phil Mickelson for KPMG
  • Eric Decker for Orange Crush
  • Danica Patrick for GoDaddy
  • Jimmy Johnson for Extenze
  • Aaron Rodgers for State Farm Insurance
  • Tom Brady for UGG
  • Ryan Howard for Subway