Hiring a Boxing Speaker

Boxing is a sport that requires intense amounts of stamina, discipline and power. Those who are fans of boxing are drawn to its high-stakes battles and are energized by the idea of seeing two highly-skilled opponents go head-to-head in an ultimate showdown.

The athletes who succeed in the world of boxing are those who can take a beating just as masterfully as they can deliver one. Boxers are continuously facing challenges and preparing themselves to overcome the next obstacles, which unquestionably makes them intriguing and compelling motivational speakers.

At Sports Speakers 360, we have access to some of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport, giving people an opportunity to hear their unique experiences and lessons.

If you’ve been considering hiring a boxing speaker for your event, this page is for you.

What to Expect When Hiring a Boxing Speaker

While no two boxers are the same, there is one theme that every boxer can speak to, and that’s the value of getting back up when you’ve been knocked down.

All human beings, regardless of background, profession or circumstance, can relate to feeling defeated at some point in their life. Professional boxers, on the other hand, deal with the possibility of being overthrown every time they enter the ring.

This unique aspect of the sport makes those who do it for a living uniquely qualified as speakers. The best motivational boxers touch on this topic, sharing their moments of discouragement as well as their triumphs.

Thus, if you’re interested in hiring famous boxing speakers for your events, this is a theme you can expect will be touched upon.

Fortunately, perseverance is a mindset that can be applied to almost any situation, which makes it highly likely that your audience will find a boxing motivational speech incredibly enthralling and inspiring.

How to Choose the Right Boxing Speaker for Your Event

Each event has its own purpose, target audience and vision. Thus, it’s important for event organizers to consider what traits, skills, or experiences they would like their boxing speaker to possess.

Below are some factors we recommend to consider when deciding between boxing speakers for your event:

1. The Boxer’s Background

Boxers come from a wide-reaching range of backgrounds. Some, like George Foreman and Larry Holmes, dropped out of high school to pursue their careers, while others, like Mike Tyson, struggled with the challenges of inner city life and a tough childhood. These experiences often become the individual’s boxing motivation, driving them to overcome their circumstances by achieving professional success. Thus, deciding to book boxing speakers is an excellent idea for businesses, organizations and institutions that want to inspire audiences that are facing challenges of their own.

2. The Boxer’s Fee

The rate that a boxing speaker charges is often reflective of how in-demand they are. Boxers who have won a championship belt are often more expensive than those who have not. Additionally, boxers who are still in the spotlight and highly sought after by the media often come with a higher fee than those who are retired or have been away from the limelight for some time.

3. The Boxer’s Philanthropic Work

Athletes often give back to the community after they’ve reached a particular level of success. Oscar De La Hoya, for example, is known to support Friendly House, an organization that supports women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. By getting to know what causes and social issues are important to a potential speaker, you’ll ensure that you select an athlete whose personal ethics and values align with yours.

Sports Speakers 360 Boxing Athletes

Below are just a few of our top boxing speakers, as well as a little about what makes them remarkable presenters:

1. Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya is, without a doubt, one of the greatest boxers to ever grace the ring. He defeated 17 world champions over the course of his career and won ten world titles in six different weight classes. But perhaps what is most inspiring about Oscar as a speaker is the fact that he established his own charitable foundation that aims to educate underprivileged youth. If you’re looking for a boxing speaker that can share touching anecdotes and first-hand experiences of tenacity and endurance, Oscar De La Hoya is an excellent choice.

2. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, or “Iron Mike” as fans lovingly called him during his career in the 1980s, is a household name in the world of boxing. He comes from humble beginnings, having grown up in a tough neighborhood without a father figure in Brooklyn, New York. At an early age, Mike became involved in a gang and was frequently arrested, spending time in the juvenile court system. Fortunately, Mike had undeniable talent and strength as a boxer, winning his first 15 fights as a professional boxer and becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in the world at the age of 20. Mike is a great speaker for organizations that value a story about overcoming odds to succeed.

3. Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes is best known for his record-setting left jab, a move that he used to stun and defeat many of his opponents. He was the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion from 1978 to 1983 and has an impressive 44 KO wins under his belt. Known by his nickname “The Easton Assassin”, which refers to his hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania, where he grew-up facing poverty and not much opportunity. He dropped out of school at the age of 13 and worked odd jobs so he could contribute to his household financially. It was this motivation to assist his family that led him to underground fighting, which he discovered he had the talent to succeed at. Eventually, he began training professionally at a local youth organization and the rest, as they say, was history.

4. Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard competed professionally from 1977 to 1997 and won world titles in five different weight divisions along with the undisputed welterweight title. The Boxing Writers Association of American named Leonard the Fighter of the Year three times, in 1976, 1979 and 1981. Leonard also won a gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Leonard has enjoyed great success outside the ring as a businessman, broadcaster, celebrity endorser and sports motivational speaker and has arguably spoken to more audiences than any other boxing personality.


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