Judge Berman Overturns Tom Brady’s Deflategate Suspension

The decision has been made and the ruling is in favor of Tom Brady. After more than seven months, several millions of dollars and big talking from the league and commissioner Roger Goodell in the deflate-gate controversy, the first time someone independent looked at the case against Tom Brady it was thrown out. Source: Yahoo Sports.

According to the Yahoo article, Judge Richard M. Berman ruled that Brady’s four-game suspension by the NFL will be vacated, according to the Associated Press and other reports. Brady maintained his innocence even while the NFL tried to make its most popular player a scapegoat in a scandal the league let grow to outrageous proportions, but from the moment investigator Ted Wells’ report came out it was clear that there was no evidence against Brady. The NFL didn’t want to admit that and kept trying to turn Brady into a villain. An independent judge saw it for what it was worth.

Berman wanted both sides to settle but that didn’t happen, and it doesn’t sound like it was ever close. According to the New York Daily News’ Gary Myers, the NFL never offered a settlement deal but indicated it would cut Brady’s suspension to three games if he admitted guilt, which means the NFL was never serious about settling. Maybe it should have been. Once there was no settlement, it was widely expected that whichever side lost would appeal, dragging out the controversy even further. Read the full article at Yahoo Sports.

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