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Athlete Appearances

Athletes are highly-focused, motivated individuals who push themselves beyond their limits for a chance to achieve greatness. It is this determination and intensity that makes them role models. Their stories are unique, each narrative filled with extraordinary triumphs and challenges. From winning championship games to overcoming adversity and extreme odds in order to achieve their dreams, athletes are an inspiration to all.

For this reason, athletic appearances are in high demand with businesses and organizations investing in these one-of-a-kind events to generate buzz, drive traffic, entertain clients and create goodwill.

But how do you book an athlete appearance? And what should you look for when booking an athlete for your event? At Sports Speakers 360, we have the answers to these questions.

Sports Speakers 360 makes the process of hiring athletes very easy. We use our expertise to quote accurate fees, check availability and compile a customized list of athletes appropriate for your event and budget.

What to look for when booking an athletic appearance

When booking athlete meet and greets, presentations and appearances, it’s important to select the right player for your unique needs. Below are a few factors we recommend considering before confirming an athletic appearance:

1. The Player’s Background
If you want to attract the largest audience possible, you’ll need to think about the athlete’s experience and background and how they might relate to your audience. For instance, if you are hosting a women’s networking event, you may want to consider a highly successful female athlete like Abby Wambach or Kerri Walsh Jennings.

Alternatively, if you are a children’s charity who is hosting an event to inspire youth, you may want to consider an athlete who has a history of supporting youth-focused organizations like Emmitt Smith or Mariano Rivera. The more aligned a player’s background and interests are with your vision and your audience demographics, the more likely your event is to be a success.

2. The Player’s Fee
Athlete appearance fees can range from $2,500 all the way up to over $100,000. Thus, it’s critical that those looking to book a player for an appearance carefully consider their budget. Generally speaking, former athletes typically have lower fees than current athletes and Hall of Fame inductees are likely to charge more than those who have not yet received the honor. The experts at Sports Speakers 360 will negotiate on your behalf the best fee possible for athletic appearances and signings.

Just like with any purchase or service, you will have to balance the caliber of athlete you’d like to hire for your event with your budget. However, it’s important to remember that athletes may consider discounting their fee for charitable organizations that are aligned with their philanthropic interests and may also consider a lesser fee if the event is local and travel is not required.

3. The Player’s Presentation Style
Some athletes are willing to sign autographs while others prefer to simply pose for photos. If you’re organizing an athlete appearance for a grand opening, attendees will likely want an autograph. However, if you’re looking to hire athletes for parties, the environment will likely be more casual and fun and having the athlete pose for photos with guests might be more appropriate. Sports Speakers 360 will work to understand your objectives and recommend an athlete that best fits your needs.

Reasons to book with Sports Speakers 360

At Sports Speakers 360, we have access to thousands of professional athletes from a wide range of sports from which you can choose. Whether it’s an Olympic gold medalist, a major golf champion or a Hall of Famer football great, we can connect you with an athlete who meets all of your criteria.

It has taken us many years to form the close working relationships we have established with athletes and we pride ourselves on being a “one-stop shop” sports speakers talent agency. We provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients, making the sports talent booking process easier than ever. We will help you select an athlete that fits your company‘s image and appeals to your demographic audience, not to mention one that is both recognized and respected by consumers.

Below are a few of the services we offer to those who book athletic appearances via Sports Speakers 360:

Contract Negotiations

We have more than 20 years experience working with athletes in securing personal appearances. Whether it’s negotiating a travel buyout, down payment or dealing with copyright issues, our team has the skill and acumen required to negotiate a final agreement that you’ll be pleased with.


At Sports Speakers 360, we act as a liaison between you and the athlete, coordinating logistics and making sure that everyone is on the same page. From discussing security measures to arranging ground transportation to fulfilling green room requests, there are numerous details that need to be managed when you hire a professional athlete to appear at an event. Our support services team will ensure your peace of mind through a seamless process as you prepare for the big event.


It’s not unusual for people to feel completely overwhelmed when trying to determine how to contact professional athletes. After all, most professional players either keep their contact information private and/or have a team of publicists, agents, managers, and others who help them juggle their many responsibilities and commitments.

At Sports Speakers 360, we handle all communications between you and the athlete and act as the main contact for any and all matters pertaining to the athletic appearance. From confirming arrival times and the location to ensuring all travel is booked, we make sure every detail is covered so that everyone’s on the same page and the event runs smooth.

Sports Speakers 360 prides itself on providing expert service in an expedient, professional manner, enabling you to book the perfect athlete appearance without any of the hassles.