Is Drew Brees Interested in a Political Career?

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, who won last year’s Superbowl in 2010, says he may be ready in the future to pursue a career in politics once he is done playing professional football. Drew Brees is a popular motivational sports speaker says PFP Sports and Celebrity Talent Agency.

Brees told Reuters in an interview that he was intrigued by the challenges of politics and that he would find such a career stimulating.

“Definitely, politics fascinates me, I find it very interesting. I guess, when you look at all the issues and certainly in the current economic times, at times you hate to see both parties going at each other like they do.

“You feel at times, man this is counter-productive, why can’t we just stick to the issues? Why can’t we just work to resolve some of the problems that our country has and the rest of the global economy has and (focus on) ways that we can help?

“I think the fact is that anybody who goes into politics feels like ‘I can make a difference’. But it’s not one person, you need so many others. I would love to do it, probably at some point, but I’ll wait a while.”

Brees, an articulate speaker and effective communicator who is involved in several community projects, said he wasn’t ready to make the switch just yet.

When asked if he was ready to enter politics, Brees said:

“I’d consider it, I am not going to close any doors, hopefully that’s some way away, I’d love to be able to play football for as long as I can but we’ll see. There are lots of thing I want to do after I stop playing,” said the 32-year-old, who was MVP in last year’s Super Bowl win over the Indianapolis Colts.

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