Panthers Owner Mocks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees as NFL Negotiations Heat Up

During the Feb. 5 negotiations between the owners and the NFL Players Association, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson insulted NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees according to Yahoo Sports.

The NFL players/owners negotiations are starting to get tense.

From Yahoo:

“[Richardson] was extremely condescending to them, especially toward Peyton,” a source said. “[Richardson] was the only person on either side who was contentious. Everybody else was respectful. They might have said, ‘I disagree with your point,’ but at least they were respectful. [Richardson] was not.”

Apparently, Richardson was particularly sarcastic when Manning started to talk about players’ safety. At one point, Richardson evidently said, “What do you know about player safety?”

Richardson has been outspoken on the need to use hard-line tactics with the players, but this strategy could cause the Panthers owner’s actions to backfire on the other owners.

Manning has been particularly quiet thus far in the talks, according to Yahoo. However, the incident with Richardson, which seems to be part of his plan to break the players, could push Manning into a more outspoken position.