Miami Marlins Brett Butler Says He Takes Pride in Signing Autographs for Fans

JUPITER, Fla. — Miami Marlins third base coach Brett Butler, a 17-year veteran, says he still finds it shocking when fans ask for his autograph during spring training games, but always takes pride in fulfilling the fans requests. Along with his name, Butler draws a smiley face, something inspired by his wife, who did the same in letters or cards to their kids. He noticed how it brightened their days and wanted to do the same. Source: Fox Sports.

Photo shows Miami Marlins Brett Butler speaking about the movie “Home Run” in March 2013.

“I was brought up by a Marine,” Butler said. “My dad says, ‘Treat people like you want to be treated no matter what. Stay there, sign autographs, be personable.’ That’s what I try to do. I’m a little surprised, but it’s still lovely. No matter how long a player has been in the game, having fans both young and old want a signature on memorabilia …. feels special.”
Watch former MLB player Brett Butler speaking about the movie “Home Run”

Butler is a former MLB center fielder and the current third base/outfield coach for the Miami Marlins. He played for five different teams from 1981 through 1997. His best season came in 1991, when he made the National League All-Star team. He was diagnosed with cancer in May 1996, received treatment and returned to the playing field four months later. He retired in 1997 and began a baseball coaching career where he has coached numerous teams.
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