Drew Brees Leads Saints to First Super Bowl Title

After getting off to a slow start, Drew Brees went on to lead the New Orleans Saints to their first NFL World championship over the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. The Saints were down by 10 points but came back at the start of the third quarter with a gutsy onside kick that their coach Sean Payton called.

Tracy Porter went on to put the nail in the Colts coffin when he went in for a touchdown after catching a bad throw from Peyton Manning.  Porter’s interception and return cinched the game for New Orleans. After that it, was pretty much the end for the Colts.

You can’t help but feel great for New Orleans and their fans. After Hurricane Katrina, the whole country seemed to be behind the team and the city. They were the “Team of Destiny”.

Congratulations New Orleans! You deserve it!