Danica Patrick OK After Violent Crash at Daytona 500 (VIDEO)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Danica Patrick appears OK after spinning out on her last lap at the Daytona International Speedway Thursday slamming nose first into a wall going nearly 200 miles an hour.

Patrick appeared unfazed minutes later after a brief check up at the Halifax Health Care Center on Daytona’s infield, but acknowledged that it was the hardest hit of her racing career.

The wreck was so violent that all four of her wheels came off the ground leaving her GoDaddy sponsored car completely totaled.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Danica Patrick Interview After Daytona 500 Crash

When asked what it was like to crash head on at that speed, Patrick said “It sucks. Just kind of brace yourself and be thankful that I’m a small driver and I’ve got room and kind of hug it in and let it rip.”

“I just got hit,” Patrick said. “I was just running on the bottom lane and I’m betting it was just the chain reaction it looked like. Guys get so close on their side drafting; they’re touching you sometimes. So I’m sure in that situation it was hitting a side draft. It was just probably a chain reaction and I’ll go look [on TV] at it and see if I can fix something or change something that I’m doing out there.”

“I’m just very disappointed the car crashed with two turns to go,” she said. “It’s not how we wanted to roll into Sunday. We wanted to just be cool, calm and collected with no damage.

Before the crash, Patrick was climbing to sixth place in the middle of her last lap. Now she will start near the back of the field on Sunday.

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