Tiger Woods Divorce is Being Finalized – The Marriage Is Over

According to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, Tiger Woods’ marriage to Elin Nordegren is over. Is it so hard to believe that a divorce is about to be finalized after everything Elin has been through?

“It was believed by going to sex rehab that Tiger had done just enough to keep his family together,” Frazier reports. “But sources have told me that the marriage is indeed over.”

The report says that Nordegren made plans to be on a flight to Arizona during the final round of the Masters and would not have been there in case Tiger had won.

Frazier went on to say that Tiger and Elin have not spoken for some time and that just a few more details have to be worked out before the couple signs the divorce decree and can move on with their lives.

People magazine reports that Nordegren was “violently angry” over the Nike ad that aired during the Masters that featured the voice of Woods’ late father, Earl. Producers of the ad apparently spliced audio from a 2004 interview in which Earl was talking about his wife, Kultida, not about Tiger.

The last straw may have come when National Enquirer reports started circulating that Raychel Coudriet, Tiger Woods’ 22-year-old neighbor, slept with the legendary golfer when she was 21. RadarOnline reports that Coudriet recently confronted Woods “because she was furious that she was just another conquest.”

The Enquirer article is said to report that Woods and Coudriet had sex in Tiger’s office near Orlando. The pair also allegedly made out within sight of Woods’ Florida home while Tiger’s wife Elin was in the residence.

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