Is Joe Mauer Contract Extension With Minnesota Twins A Rumor?

Rumors have been spreading this afternoon that American League MVP Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins have reached a preliminary agreement on a 10-year contract extension.

Joe Mauer himself has denied the rumor today stating that he has not reached an agreement with the Minnesota Twins for a 10-year contract extension… ... Read More

Can Joe Mauer Hit 400 Batting Mark?

Each year there seems to be one or two baseball players who catch the attention of the sports world and stir conversation about the hallowed .400 batting mark.

This year, that talk has centered around Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, who is currently hitting .363. History tells us that he’ll likely fall short – it’s arguably the most difficult record in sports to break.

The last player to hit .400 was the  great Ted Williams, who achieved the feat in 1941. Williams entered the last day of the season with a batting average of .39955, which would have been rounded up to .400, making him the first man to hit .400 since Bill Terry in 1930. ... Read More