Mike Ditka Back at ESPN Three Days After Suffering Minor Stroke

Former Bear’s coach, Mike Ditka, is as tough as nails and says he is feeling good as he went back to work as football commentator for ESPN  three days after suffering a minor stroke.

Affectionately known as “Iron” Mike, Ditka now jokingly calls himself “Rusty” Mike after reflecting on his mortality.

“You know some times we think we’re invincible … not so,” Ditka, 73, told WGN News.

“I’ve got to slow down a little bit. I do too many things, I probably worry about too many things, but, you know, it’s my life. I don’t mind doing that,” said Ditka, who doesn’t believe stress triggered the stroke.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that Ditka was playing cards at Bob O’Link Golf Club in Highland park Friday when he began having trouble talking and moving his hands. He was taken to Highland Park Hospital and was released Sunday. On Monday he was home resting, but hopes to continue his traveling work schedule next weekend.

In 1988 Ditka suffered a heart attack at the age of 49, but was back on coaching the Bears 11 days later.

Ditka coached the Bears from 1982-1992 and led his team to a Super Bowl title in 1985. His last NFL coaching job was in 2000 with the New Orleans Saints.