Michigan High School Football Game Crazy Finish – Video

During the Michigan John Glenn homecoming football game, Plymouth High school Canton (Michigan) thought it had defeated Westland (Michigan) John Glenn when it blocked a last-second field goal attempt.

The Plymouth High School players ran off the field in celebration, but none of the players realized that the ball hadn’t crossed the line of scrimmage and was still in play.

No official had blown the ball dead.

While Plymouth celebrated, John Glenn’s Tony Wilton picked up the ball and ran 33-yards for the winning touchdown.

John Glenn High School Michigan defeats Plymouth High in crazy ending.

It’s a play, Wilton will never forget. Here’s how it went down.

“I heard somebody say ‘run.'” Wilton told The Observer & Eccentric following the game. “There were (Glenn) guys in front of me and they (Plymouth) all ran off the field. They thought the game was over.”

Plymouth coach Mike Sawchuk voiced his dissatisfication with how the final play was officiated.

“They (the officials) blew the whistle and the clock stopped – everybody stopped,” he told the paper. “They wouldn’t give me an explanation.”