Kurt Warner Retirement Rumors Surface After Arizona 51-45 Victory Over Green Bay

GLENDALE, AZ — After the Arizona Cardinals unprecedented 51-45 victory over the Green Bay Packers yesterday, rumors started circulating that Kurt Warner may retire next season.

Usually after winning every home game, Warner would celebrate with his family in the stands. However, last night he went back on the field and waved to the fans first. This gesture sparked rumors that Warner, who was already considering retirement, was saying goodbye to the fans.

Warner told the media, “Relax. “It’s my way of saying thanks to the fans because I know we’re not coming back this year. I appreciate their impact and what they’ve done for us.”

The Arizona Republic and other media outlets have also reported that he may be planning on retiring after this season’s playoff run is over.

He certainly didn’t want to think about it after last night’s 51-45 overtime win against the Green Bay Packers, according to USA Today. “Right now I’m just playing football this year as long as I can,” Warner said. “When that’s done, we’ll step away and figure out what’s the best thing moving forward.”

The longer Warner plays, the greater his Hall of Fame chances become. In a modest 12 playoff games, Warner already has more postseason touchdown passes (31) than every other quarterback except Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Dan Marino.

“I think he would miss the competitive part of football, but Kurt has so many things going on outside the field,” Larry Fitzgerald said. “He’s got a lovely family with seven kids. He does a great job in ministry and public speaking. There’s so many things he can do after football, but we want to keep him here as long as possible.”

Kurt Warner, a devout Christian and popular Christian speaker, makes no bones about attributing his success to his faith.

“If you ever really want to do a story about who I am, God’s got to be at the center of it. Every time I hear a piece or read a story that doesn’t have that, they’re missing the whole lesson of who I am.” – Kurt Warner