John Saunders Discusses How the NBA Lockout Will Affect the Game

In an ESPN video, John Saunders talks about the impact the NBA lockout will have on the game. Sanders says that this week NBA negoiations saw a near split in players ranks as leader Derek Fisher was accused of trying to cut a side deal with owners. Some threatened to leave the union and decertify.

Huffington Post reports:

NBA owners and players are meeting again, hoping to reach a deal to end the lockout but aware of the consequences if they fail.

The sides met for 12 hours Wednesday, passing Commissioner David Stern’s deadline for players to accept the league’s current proposal or face one that would be much worse. He says he “stopped the clock” while this round of negotiations continues but warns the harsher proposal will be put into play if talks break down.

The sides talked mostly Wednesday about the salary cap system issues that divide them but did not discuss the division of basketball-related income that is the other major obstacle.

Talks have stalled because owners want a 50-50 split.

Saunders says, “Before the dust settles, fans may split as well”

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